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Band Merchandise

We have created this feature to give upcoming bands a chance to fill their merchandise table, without going broke. There are no minimum orders but with wall posters, we suggest, you get at least 10 because the shipping is very expensive. For bands who wish to order multiple items, please email us your order at [email protected], we can put together your order and save you a lot of money but eliminating unnecessary shipping fee's. Plus many items will be on sale, and we can save you more money. Thank you all so much, Olivia

Custom 24 X 36 Vinyl Merchandise Table Banners

More than a great way to sell your merchandise, more than just getting fans at your table. It is a great way for all bands to grass-root market each other. Your banner will feature adds from other bands and your add will be featured on other bands, banner as well. Depending on how many are sold, your add will be on banners from all over the world, creating a fan base, that is not of the social media base, but rather a ground base. This product is a must for touring bands

Custom Merch Table Banner
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